Jared Reyes


Since the beginning of HFF in 2010. Jared has been involved with creating the rules, point system and working with sponsors.


Jason Katman


One of the founding members of HFF and involved in all aspects of the series.

His experience and history with FF Honda cars has made him a crucial member of the team.                                  



Willem Drees


Will is no stranger to FF Honda's. He's been involved with many forms of motorsports since his Slide Squad days. The addition of Will has been been a huge step in building the series.  #SLIDESQUAD / illVillian Blog

Nick Chaffin

Nick is the most recent addition to the team and has been a huge help in pushing the series forward in 2016 onwards.

As a group, The commitee members oversee all aspects of the series, as well as compete at each event. 


Our goal is to create a series that will help drivers become faster, safer and smarter on the race track. Driver meetings after the first two sessions of the day help to make sure each group runs as smoothly as possible, and stays on schedule.


We have teamed up with great sponsors to offer our drivers the best prizes and raffle items of any time trial series around. Be sure to check out the Sponsors page to learn more about how you can benefit from their involvement.